Sunday, June 27, 2004

Iraqi Catholic perspectives on the war

Jimmy Akin is writing about Iraqi Catholics and the U.S.-Iraqi conflict. Says Mr. Akin: "I have an unusual amount of data on the Iraqi Catholic perspective . . . as I was one of two Americans in a class of thirty-something Iraqi Catholics during the run-up to and prosecution of the war."

Friday, June 18, 2004

Fr. Frank Pavone sounds off . . .

. . . on "Catholics, Abortion and the Iraq War: A Pro-Life Priest's View":

This column requires extra effort to explain what it is not. It is not an evaluation of the war in Iraq or of any national leaders. It is, however, an observation, on the level of moral principle, about the relationship between abortion, war, and being pro-life.


The debate over the morality of the Iraq war in light of the Catholic Just War tradition will continue; however, let us hope Fr. Pavone has by his column quelled those who would insist: "You are not pro-life because you support the war."

"Kindler, Gentler" Warfare

Catholic Apologist James Akin is blogging on the prospects of "Kindler, Gentler Warfare" made possible by the development of "nonlethal" weapons, over at his blog.